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The Survey Questionnaire

The same five over-arching questions were asked of each interviewee

  1. What was your development path as a management consultant?
  2. How would you define EAP-based management consulting as unique from other disciplines, such as organizational development, executive coaching or business consulting?
  3. Do you have a philosophy or framework of consulting?
  4. What skills are associated with effective consultation?
  5. Can you share some consulting anecdotes?

Development as a Management Consultant

  1. How did you acquire the skills necessary for effective consulting? Would you describe your development path to be formalized or unstructured?
  2. Are there books or articles that you have found to be helpful in developing consulting skills?
  3. Have you ever worked as a supervisor or manager, whether in an EAP setting or other role? If so, what parts of the management experience serve you best in producing effective consultation? If not, how did you develop your acumen for management practices?
  4. What steps, skills or resources would you recommend to those who would like to take their consulting to the next level?
  5. Who else would be considered an "essential interview" for this project?

Defining EAP-based Management Consulting

  1. How is management consulting different from executive coaching, organizational development, team building or talent development?
  2. How often do consultations with a manager convert into an individual EAP case for the manager him/herself (assessment & referral for the manager)? Do you introduce assessment questions into management consultations? If so, how did you facilitate the shift in consultation from managerial to personal?
  3. Within your EAP role, have you consulted in different industries? If so, are there key differences in the consulting skills required?
  4. What are the challenges and benefits of consulting in:
    • An internal EAP model?
    • An external EAP model?
    • A "mixternal" or embedded EAP model [on-site vendor]?

Philosophy of Consulting

  1. Do you work from a particular model of consulting?
  2. What are your universal goals for every management consultation?
  3. Are there consulting steps or a roadmap from which you work?
  4. Would you describe your consulting style as similar to a clinical interview, a teaching encounter, or something else? Do you include teaching or didactic approaches in your work with managers?

Skills Associated with Effective Consultation

  1. What would you consider to be the necessary characteristics of an effective consultant?
  2. Of the consulting questions you utilize, which are most often effective?
  3. Do you include any quantitative processes to your consulting, such as SMART goals, outcome measures, or manager satisfaction surveys? Do you take and maintain notes relating to your consultations?
  4. What tools, if any, do you utilize in your consulting?

Consulting Anecdotes

  1. What outcomes would you say constitutes an "effective" consultation?
  2. What are the most typical themes brought to the EAP by managers seeking consultation?
  3. What was your most effective consultation? What made it effective? What actions or skills contributed to that success?
  4. What was your most challenging consultation? What made it challenging? What actions or skills did you apply, and how did it turn out? What were the lessons-learned from that experience from which others might benefit?
  5. What traps, pitfalls or landmines come with management consulting?
  6. Can you share other "Do"s and "Don't"s about management consulting that you have heard or experienced?





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