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By reaching this web page, you have demonstrated yourself to be a curious person, perhaps someone who embraces lifelong learning... qualities that I admire in a colleague.

To start you on your quest, I offer you three things...

  • an invitation, to contribute to the ongoing dialogue to shape our definitions and standards for consulting;
  • a promise, that EA Professionals of all levels of experience will find something useful here, to take your skills to a higher level of effectiveness;
  • and a challenge, to reinvest your knowledge through the mentoring and development of interns, CEAP candidates and those new to the EAP field.
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  • great ideas to inspire standardized practice and purposeful development of management consulting skills
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"Consultation with, training of, and assistance to work organization leadership (managers, supervisors, and union stewards)..."
The EAP Management Consulting Triad

This knowledgebase represents one part of a triad of resources dedicated to the development and advancement of management consulting skills for Employee Assistance Professionals.

The first part of the triad is a recurring column titled Effective Management Consulting published in the Journal of Employee Assistance; the column seeks to inform and engage the EAP community on the topic.

The second part of the triad is a blog titled Consulting for the Human Side of Business which seeks to promote an ongoing and interactive dialogue on the subject.

The third part of the triad is this EAP Management Consulting Knowledgebase, which serves as a repository for the many practical resources on management consulting submitted by you and readers like you.

"...seeking to:

  • manage the troubled employee,
  • enhance the work environment, and
  • improve employee job performance"

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